Here are some photo's of some of our best friends wearing CANINE COLLARS collars. Please feel free to e-mail a photo of your pet- any picture! Also view some customer comments below.

       Zoe-                    Zoe-               Tajsha               Tajsha
      Celtic                Pink Shells         Big Sweetie

                     Zelda-                            Zelda                 Percy-
            Zoe's new sis                                        Black Magic Cats     

   Snowball-             Snowball-             Latte-                  Latte-
Sparkling Stars            view 2            Snowflakes              Posing

      Penny-                Penny-            Killian-               Killian-
Red Bandana              view 2       Earthy Tone  Looking Amused

      Ozzy-                   Ozzy-                Lulu                   Lulu
  Camaflauge             Chilling       Pink Silk Floral   Pretty in Pink

   Scooter-              Scooter-               Holly-               Holly- 
   Just Batty             collar view         Cute Pom      Candy Canes

         Mickey & Minnie-                           Koshare-
         mugging for camera                          in Bronze Silk

            Koshare-                       Roxy-                  Roxy-
ready for the show            in blue swirl silk     posing pretty

          Allie-                             Allie-                     Jordon
in brown/black swirls          fun at the lake!            Great Guy!

     Maya -                             Maya -
  in Wild Butterflies                    Cute Pose!

               Blade -                      Rueben -                 Bruce -         
in Wild Paisly, eating shrimp inWatermelons  Looking Adorable

                    Snickers -                                    Levi -                    
                  Lounging                                Snuggling               

          Sadie (left) Riley (right) -               Cocoa & Marley -
                  Pariotic Danes                             Cute Lab pups

              Cocoa & Marley -                          Marley -
      Good Friends                               Exploring

            Kishka & Shogan -                               Kishka -
                   Napping                                       Pretty in Pink

                     Kishka -                                       Zoe -
             Looking Adorable!                        Twin of my Zoe!

        Shorty -                    Kaila -                       Kaila -
Happy in new home!    Cute new puppy!         Another pose

       Scout -                            Corky -
       Cute Yorkie                     Outdoor Fun

              Raja -                           Breighton -            3 Cats -
       Cute Kitten                         Naptime!             Cuddle Time

                            Turbo -                                      Turbo -
      Cute Lancashire Heeler           At Crufts-doing Freestyle                                                      Heelwork

         Rebella -                 Rebella -                        Roxy -
      New Tabby                 Napping                   Taking a break

    3 Adorable Yorkies                          Barnacle-  
                                                           (Barnie) beagle

           Remi -                 Sarge & Remi -
at 17 weeks                  Happy family

Max -                                       Max -
waiting patiently                    Cute in Turkey Day Collar

                 Gorgeous Great Dane-             Rueben & Gordy -
    in Red/Green Candycanes Collar  Cute in Stars &Wild Animals

                            Gordy -                                    Gordy -
                    Blue/Green Camo                      Red Candy canes

           Chloe Grace Bishop -                          Shelly -
             in Christmas collars             Shelly Cat the sailing Siam

                        Shelly -                                  Shelly -
               cruising in Florida                         on shore leave


             Lucy & Charlie -                                Charlie -
                   How cute                            wearing  Bones & Paws

                 Lucy -                               White Cats -
       wearing Pink Roses                     Cute in collars

Little Latte -
Our newest addition!

Snowball's 20th Birthday Party (with Percy - 17)

In Memory of Sheba


Tajsha & Zoe-just chilling


1. If I like it, it's mine.
2. If it's in my mouth, it's mine.
3. If I can take it from you, it's mine.
4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
5. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
6. If I'm chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
7. If it just looks like mine, it's mine.
8. If I saw it first, it's mine.
9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
10. If it's broken, it's yours.

Customer Comments:

Thanks so much for sending the collars! I love them and so does our dog. He is a buff colored cocker and they look great! Thanks Again, Marilyn

Thanks so much for getting Milo's cat collar to me so quickly. I just love it. Sandy

Thanks! They're awesome!! John

My dogs and I just love the collars! Sara


I got the collar yesterday and it's wonderful! Thanks so much for your help. I can't remember the last time purchase questions have been handled so nicely. Kathy

Your collars are gorgeous! Thanks! Lorie

You made my dogs soooo happy. thank you very much. Alan

Thank you, your prices are great I will be buying more in the future. Lisa

I would like to thank you for the beautiful collar! Cyndy

I've had the extreme pleasure of the companionship of dear canines for years and never have I seen such a tremendous selection of fashionable and wide-ranging themes and color schemes for dogs, ever. And am having one heck of a time picking a choosing for my dog Ruby (dal/pointer hunting dog). But pick I must because she deserves to look and feel her very best!

Thank you so much for this outrageously fun website. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about it. Noone will believe me until they see it for themselves!

Sheba looks like a real beauty with such love it is almost hard to look at her photo. From the information provided she lived a very long and loving life. Thanks for helping us dress up our sweet animals that reflects their free spirit. D. Shatin

Thanks for getting back to me so fast, I'm sure I'll be coming back for more items in the future. Thanks again, Mark.

I am so very happy to have found your website! Koshare’s collar arrived today in the mail and it’s outstanding! The bronze silk is beyond perfect for my girl’s coloring, dare I say the match is ‘too’ perfect. Honestly, it’s a dead ringer of a compliment to her coat and style.

This collar is really very special look. I’m excited to show off your work at future dog shows. Many thanks for offering such a nice line of product, I will be back for future designs. Your workmanship and selection is exceptional. Debbie & Koshare

Here are Allie's pictures with your collar on her. We really think your collars are a natural match for our special Whippet. Thanks! Rick

I just wanted to let you know how much I liked the collars I ordered. Leila and Carleigh love them too ! I put seasonal collars on all six my dogs and it is good to know there is a place with such a great selection. Thanks, Sarah

Thanks so much for the collar! It is very soft and comfortable, yet surprisingly sturdy and looks so cute! Maya absolutely loves it! Thanks again, Izabela

Just wanted to say thank you, the collar looks great. Michelle Just wanted to let you know that the bandanna collar, bow, and leash arrived last week - and Dudley seems to be happy with it! He looks quite dapper in his new collar. Thanks. Janelle

Just wanted to let you know that I received my collars yesterday. You did a wonderful job! They were absolutely perfect. Molly looked great in both of them!!! I will be ordering more, I'm one of those crazy people who likes to change my dogs collar all the time and I love to go with the holiday themes! I am so glad I found your website. Thanks again, Wendy          P.S. The 3/4"" in the large was perfect!!

We loved the collars we ordered last year by the way. Barkley and Indy do as well. Thank you, Lisa

I know this might seem silly but I just thought you should know that I looked at literally over one hundred websites before I found yours--and was very frustrated not to find anything that would work, see Gibson is actually our "best dog" so he will be in all the pictures for the wedding and he is a huge part of our lives so it was important to me that he gets to dress up too (not in those cheesy fake dog tuxes either!) When I found your site I was really ecstatic because after WEEKS of searching I not only found a suitable option but many great options--I had a hard time deciding! I look forward to receiving the collar and purchasing from you again. I will tell my wedding planner about your site so she can recommend you to other brides in similar situations. Thanks so much! Colette

I received the three collars today that I ordered for my cat, Blade last week. I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived, I thought it would be two weeks at least! What a nice suprise! We LOVE the collars and will definately order again! I'll recommend you to all my pet owning friends. I included a picture of Blade wearing one of his new collars, eating some shrimp! Thanks again, Emma UK

Hello! I recently ordered a couple of collars from you and I think they are wonderful so I thought I would send a picture of him. In this one he is sporting his summer watermelons collar. Thanks again! Sarah

Hi, I just received a collar I ordered and it is fabulous. The price was great and shipping was very fast. I am so pleased I have just ordered one for my other dog. I didn’t order two the first time because I was leery that for such a great price the quality would not be good. I was wrong. Thank you! Maureen

I received the collars today and they are adorable! They are so beautiful and well made that I have no doubt that I will be back for several more. I may have to order several for various seasons... Thanks so much for an outstanding product!! Best regards, Michelle

I LOVE your collars and bows!!!! a friend of mine referred me and I have been enjoying ordering several collars for my puppy. Jazzie and I take puppy training class's at Petsmart and I always am asked about her collar and leashes and I give everyone your website!!! Keep up the wonderful work! Pamela


We got the Halloween collars today. They are so cute. I just ordered some leashes. Thanks again. Beth and Jazzy

I received the collars this afternoon and they are just GREAT!!!!!!! Thanks so much for making them for me. They look great on the dogs too. Barbara

Thanks! I just got the package. They’re terrific! I’m excited to have found you. Thanks, again, Kim

I have the collars, they are great! I am ordering more today. Thanks, Anne-Marie

Abby and Emma (my two labradoodles) love their new collars. They are going to look good for the holiday.

Hi, Just to say thanks I received the pink dog coat today and it's lovely!! It fits my little West Highland Terrier 'Megan' perfectly, she looks really cute. Thanks for sending so promptly. Karen                England

I just picked up my mail and received the Dog n Bone collar today :) I wanted to let you know how cute it is and I am impressed by its durable feel. Thank you again, Rochele

I recently received my colars....They were beautiful I just wanted to say thank you Lauren

I LOVE your collars and bows!!!! a friend of mine referred me and I have been enjoying ordering several collars for my puppy. Jazzie and I take puppy training class's at Petsmart and I always am asked about her collar and leashes and I give everyone your website!!! Keep up the wonderful work! Pamela

Collar order just arrived. I love them! Will groom the girls over lunch and put them on. Oh are they ever cool! I will place another order real soon. Sharon C.

I have enjoyed shopping on your site! Great items. Alana

We received the collar and leash yesterday. Our little guy and we love it! It goes perfect with his Pirate bandana! Thanks Again

I received the two collars we ordered, and again they look even better than on your web site! I never thought our little guy would have a collar for every occasion, but with your selection, price and speed we get them, it looks like so. Thanks Again! Mark, Linda, and our little guy, Ralph

this is max, and he loves his turkey collar!! our cat collar (christmas) is the coolest collar ever! i will send a picture when he wears it!! --Laurie

I love the collars, the x-small fits the pom perfect!!! I am sending a picture of my great dane with her christmas collar! Chrissy

I want you to know I really Love the collars you made for us.!!! They look Great.!!!!! I put them on as soon as I received them; my kitties just Loved them.!!!!!!

Yes, I'm mildly obsessed with getting my babies collars but yours are so nice and a great price. So I Attached some photos of them that if you want you can use in your gallery. Sincerely, Sarah

Thank you so much for the beautiful collars i ordered for Andre and Amelie my 2 Italian Greyhounds! The watermelon, the music, the pink tropical with black palms, the bronze silk with black and the black silk with white polka dots.....I love the colors, the craftsmenship. I know I am hurting myself by saying this, but you could charge more. The work involved and the prices are the only great buy I've had in ions. It seems you do this for love Thank you again! Happy, happy customer, Gail's and Tails

Great collar and leash. The wider collar worked out fine and you can see it even with her very curly hair. Thanks!!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know how much I liked the collars I ordered. Leila and Carleigh love them too ! I put seasonal collars on all six my dogs and it is good to know there is a place with such a great selection. Thanks, Sarah

Thank you so much! My kitties love their new collars!

Got my 2 collars yesterday and they are GREAT!!!! My dog looks so cute even tho' he remains a "psycho" dog! I guess a collar cannot help that. Thank you....Barb

You do beautiful work and it seems your collars are famous on both east and west coasts. Thanks again, Gail

I was just in your web site and it is brilliant. I was wondering if you deliver to Northern Ireland. Crumbs, I hope the answer is yes. Thanks, Jacky

The collars came today and they are beautiful!! Thanks, Alice

Greg and I would just like to thank you for all your wonderful collars you have made for Chloe, Grace, and Bishop too. They each have a hanger in our closet full of your great collars. Attached is a picture of our gang in their Christmas collars from last year (Chloe is the black and white shy girl, Grace is the sassy girl in the middle, and our baby boy Bishop...aka the trouble maker). We just ordered three fall collars for them and are so excited to add them to their wardrobe. Thanks Again! Siska and Greg

Here are some pics of ShellyCat on her boat AND wearing her beautiful collar. Shelly is now cruising in Florida! This ( usually ) well dressed cat gets around. WE call her ShellyCat the sailing Siam! Love your collars! Haila and Shelly too!

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. I LOVE the collars they look amazing!!! I have attached some pictures of my dogs wearing them. At first I thought they might be a little big as their previous collars are the really skinny kind- however I absolutely love how thick they are. Before, you could never tell they were wearing collars at all and I just never trusted how tiny their collars were before and how easily they might break. The collars I bought from you seem like they are much more sturdy and will hold up great. Plus they look so stylish- people can actually SEE their collars now! Thanks!!! -Natalie

Hello, I just received another order from you guys and can't believe how pleased my wife and I are about this product. The collars are very well made and there is so much inventory to chose from. Expect many orders from us in the future, my wife believes our dogs need new collars for every holiday no matter how big or small. Thanks again, Jeremy

I love the collar you made for Sophie! It's even prettier than the photo.Thank you. I'll get more Martingales from you! Best, Susan

Thank you so much for your help. I LOVE the leash and collar you sent and I have put your name out to the online coton de tulear group that I am a member of. I hope more people will order from you! Have a great day, Rebecca

I'd like to get the "Crazy Pumpkins" for halloween. Thanks so much, I love this website. I've already ordered 5 and will be ordering more. I tell everyone about it. Such a great idea. Thanks Jennifer

....thought I would order another collar for Tajsha---your collars are all so awesome.What a great web store for any pet---fantastic. Sue

We'll pass along the good word about your collars...can't believe how many patterns you have! VR Cyndy

My sister and nephew loved the collars you made for them (westies and black lab). Thank you! Marty

Hi Just to let you know the collars came and they are lovely. Thank you very much. Sarah

Thank you!!! I really want her to have it when we go for pictures. You have some great collars on your website – I will be back to shop for more for other holidays!!!

My collars arrived this week and they are just great – very cute! Thank you for getting them to me in time for Xmas! Merry Christmas!! Kind Regards Tamara Australia

Thank you so mush for my special order! I love your work and my dogs wear it proud. Until next time, Trisha