Show off your gorgeous pet in these fashionable silk, embroidered and mirrored jacquard woven trim collars available in the Classy collection. Every collar is finished with quality nickel plated or brass hardware. These are available in various sizes.

*Small Prints - More suitable for smaller collars - Guidelines only. *Please note: Fabric prints that the pattern appears to be larger may not be appropriate size for smaller collars, especially the X-Small and cat collars. The fabric samples are shown wider (the actual measurement would be 1 1/2" to 2" wide - or twice the width of a large collar - on samples shown) than actual width of a collar in order to show variation of the print. Please take this into consideration when ordering. We can not accept returns for this.

CANINE COLLARS guarantees our products against any flaws in materials or workmanship. CANINE COLLARS products are not guaranteed against excessive scratching, chewing and pulling. Also, keep in mind that these fabrics are more fragile to abuse than others. They may need to be removed from pet to prevent excessive scratching when not supervised. These collars are not suitable for pets that are tied out.



Silk Collars

Asian Red Silk           

Asian Pink Silk          

Pink Yellow Silk         

Geisha Girls               


Blue Dragon Silk       

Black Dragon Silk     

Blue Dragon 2 Silk    

*Silky Moon/Stars     

Silky Moon/Stars 2    

Silky Shiny Stars        

Irridescent Night Sky

*Sparkley Purple       


SparkleRose/Gold Tone

Bronze Silk                 

Rusty Paisley             

Earthy Design            

*Bronze Leopard        

*Silk Earthy Digital    

Wild Paisley/Sparkle  

*Silky Multi Paisley   

*Colorful Brocade      

Black Satin Floral      

Florescent Floral        

Royal Blue Floral       

Purple Lilacs              

Color Silk Floral        

Gold Metal Butterfly 

Silky Floral                 

*Purple/Pink Floral     

*Silky Purple Abstract

*Purple Shine              

*Blue Shine                 

*Silver Shine               

Black Lace/Roses      

Leopard N Roses       

Red Roses                  

Silver Snake Silk        

*Silver Shimmer         

White Flowers/Black  

*Black/White Dots     

*Black/White Floral   

Sparkly Roses            

Sparkly Pink Dots      

Pink Floral/Black       

*Sparkley Pink Stars 

Silky Pink Designs     

Silky Roses                 

Hearts N Roses Silk  

*Deep Pink Silk          

Embrodier Pink Silk   

Pink Silky Leaves      

*Hot Pink Silk Floral  

*Pink Swirl Silk           

*Silky Pink Stars        

*Pink Silk Stars          

*Pale Pink Hearts      

*Pink Silky/Swirly      

Pink Animal Silk         

*Pink Tie Dye             


*Red/Black Stars        

Flowers Bugs Circles  

*Glittery Dots Silk      

Dotty Red Silk            


*Majestic Crowns Silk

*Colorful Tie Dye Silk

*Silky Stripes              

*Silky Green/Squares 

Golden Floral Silk       

Pink O Siky Floral      

Frogs Flowers Silk     

Wavy Silky Plaid        

*Green Blue Silk        


*Green/Blue Abstract

*Blue Octagons          

*Blue Green Mesh     

*Blue Silky Scales      

Blue Silky Snake        

*Blue Swirl Silk          

*Blue/Silver Stars      

Blue Asian Silk           

Solid Blue Silk            

Seafoam Green Silk   

Silky Green Floral      

*Silver Silk                 

Red Swirley Silk        

Green Silk                  

*Green Silk 2             

*Red Silk                    

*Pink Silk                   

*Teal Blue Silk          

*Snow White Silk       

Mirrored Jacquards




Fancy Embroidered

Purple Foral                    

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