Standard Side Release Collars: Available in all lengths and widths and are finished with quality nickel plated or brass hardware.

Standard Buckle Collars: Available in all leather and crystal collars and are finished with quality nickel plated or brass hardware (for certain trim and classy collars that the brass compliments). Curved buckles are currently being used. There are some straight left if you prefer. Crystal collar buckles have crystals embedded in them.

Metal Buckles: New! All Metal Side Release Buckle with unbeatable German engineering and design. Made of Zinc diecast, with Stainless Steel pin and spring. Suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures. Super sturdy metal buckles are twice as strong as most plastic buckles. These are available for 3/4"" and 1" collars at an added cost of $2.50 on the Order/Contact page.

Cat Collars: These collars have a quick release buckle that opens automatically to keep your cat from harm. It will release, not actually break, if bumped hard or yanked on hard enough to keep cats from choking. These collars are not suitable for use with leashes. All cat collars include a bell and a D-ring for tags.

Note that one side of buckle is flat to breakaway.

Cat Collar Example:

Sighthound Collars: "Martingale Collars" intended for greyhound and whippet breeds whose heads tend to be smaller than their necks. Click on the Buy Now button below, along with the collar and size desired on any of the collar pages. Most fabric and jacquard trims are available at an additional charge of $3.00 on all sizes.


ADD $3.00: Martingale Collar

ADD $3.00: Martingale Brass Hardware for Collar
Also need to add $3.00 above

*At CANINE COLLARS, we will try our best to honor any special requests and are open to suggestions. We can also accommodate any special sizing requests - no returns or refunds. Our collars are available in a large variety of styles in fabric and select trims. All collars and leashes are CUSTOM-MADE, constructed on industrial machines with top quality materials and strong matching threads: doublestiching is done at pressure points. To determine your pets size, measure his neck to the size you feel is most comfortable. If the measurement is close to the end of a size, select the next size up. Crystal Name Collars and Luxe Leather collars don't allow as much leeway for sizes so PLEASE measure your pet's neck carefully and order the next size up if measurement is to the end of one size. All of the trim collars have a webbing base. If desired, a webbing base can be added as an option for fabric collars. You can order this on the Order/Contact page. *Please note: Fabric prints that the pattern appears to be larger may not be appropriate size for smaller collars, especially the X-Small and cat collars. The fabric samples are shown wider than actual width of a collar in order to show variation of the print. Please take this into consideration when ordering. We try our best to center patterns on the collars. Some of the obviously larger prints will look better with at least a 3/4"" - 1" width collar. The smaller prints work well with the X-Small and cat collars. All cat collars include a quick release buckle, D-ring and a bell. All collars are adjustable.

Caution: Collars that tighten may cause damage to very small dogs. Children must be supervised around dogs wearing this type of collar. Please use your good judgment in determining the use of any pet collar. Not intended for tying dogs out unattended. As with any collar, inspect periodically for wear and tear.

Bling Bling Care: Pets are unpredictably aggressive and there is no possible way to know how each individual pet will "treat" their rhinestone collar. Rhinestones could certainly pop out if owners allow rough play while wearing their "Bling Bling", and as such, this is their responsibility.


Leashes are available in all fabric and jacquard styles in 4', 5', and 6' lenghths. It will be noted on order form if a matching leash is available and in which sizes.

Care Instructions: Hand washing and line drying are recommended to clean your collar. Test an area especially before washing Jazzy Jacquard Trim Collars. Some may need to be spot cleaned. A steam iron can be used to smooth out most cotton fabrics. Use an iron on a lower setting for silk and satin collars.

Sample Sizes:

Extra Small: These collars are suitable for toy dogs and puppies whose neck measures 6" to 11": Maltese, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Chihuahua

Small: These collars are for dogs whose neck measures 10" to 15":Shih-tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier, Bichon Frize

Medium: These collars are for dogs whose neck measures 12" to 18": Whippet, Dalmatian, Corgis, Shetland Sheepdog

Large: These collars are for dogs whose neck measures 15" to 24": Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Standard Poodle

Extra Large: These collars are for dogs whose neck measures 17" to 29": Greyhound, Mastiff, Great Dane, German Shepard