Frequently Asked Questions

What collar size should I order?

To determine your pets size, measure his neck to the size you feel is most comfortable. If the measurement is close to the end of a size, select the next size up. Crystal Name Collars and Luxe Leather collars don't allow as much leeway for sizes so PLEASE measure your pet's neck carefully and order the next size up if measurement is to the end of one size. You can refer to the Size/Info page for general sizing or for more specific sizing information is include in each order page since it can vary with different styles.Please note that samples for the fabric collars are shown larger than actual collar widths. We try our best to center patterns on the collars. All cat collars include a quick release buckle, D-ring and a bell. All collars are adjustable.

Do you sell Sighthound or Martingale Collars?

Sighthound Collars: "Martingale Collars" intended for greyhound and whippet breeds whose heads tend to be smaller than their necks. These collars will be available on special request Please request at on most fabric and jacquard trims at an additional charge of $3.00 on all sizes.

Do you offer any special requests?

At CANINE COLLARS, we will try our best to honor any special requests and are open to suggestions. We can also accommodate any special sizing requests.

How are your collars constructed?

Our collars are available in a large variety of styles in top quality fabric and select trims. All collars and leashes are hand-crafted on industrial machines with top quality materials and strong matching threads: doublestiching is done at pressure points. The fabric collars include 4 layers of fabric and 4 layers of a strong interfacing. They have held up under "lab" and "german" testing! The trim collars are web based Polypropylene: low stretch, especially when wet, good strength ratio (900 lb. test). the trim collars include a satin lining unless otherwise stated. Please note that samples for the fabric collars are shown larger than actual collar widths. We try our best to center patterns on the collars. Some of the obviously larger prints will look better with at least a 3/4"" - 1" width collar. The smaller prints work well with the X-Small and cat collars. All cat collars include a quick release buckle, D-ring and a bell. All collars are adjustable.

What leash sizes are offered?

Leashes are available in all fabric in 4' and 5' lenghths. The jacquard trim styles are in 5' and 6' lenghths. It will be noted on the order form if a matching leash is available and in which sizes.

What hardware do you use on your collars?

Standard Side Release Collars: Available in all lengths and widths and are finished with quality nickel plated or brass hardware (for certain trim and classy collars that the brass compliments).

Standard Buckle Collars: Available in all leather and crystal collars are finished with quality nickel plated or brass hardware. Crystal collar buckles have crystals embedded in them.

Metal Buckles: New! All Metal Side Release Buckle with unbeatable German engineering and design. Made of Zinc diecast, with Stainless Steel pin and spring. Suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures. Super sturdy metal buckles are twice as strong as most plastic buckles. These are available for 3/4"" and 1" collars at an added cost of $2.50 on the Order/Contact page.

Cat Collars: These collars have a quick release buckle that opens automatically to keep your cat from harm. These collars are not suitable for use with leashes. All cat collars include a bell.

How do I care for my collar?

Care Instructions: Hand washing and line drying are recommended for the fabric collars. Spot cleaning is reccomended for the trim collars and other collars offered. As with any collar, periodic inspection should be made for wear and tear. Collars are not recommended for tying animal out.

Caution: Collars that tighten may cause damage to very small dogs. Children must be supervised around dogs wearing this type of collar. Please use your good judgment in determining the use of any pet collar. Not intended for tying dogs out unattended. As with any collar, inspect periodically for wear and tear.

What is your shipping method?

Shipping: has been included in the price of all our products to any where in the United States. All of our products ship USPS First Class unless otherwise requested by the customer. Most orders are shipped within two days of receiving it and manufactured items may take longer if not in stock. We will notify you by e-mail when your order has been sent and if your order is delayed for any reason . From our experience with USPS, you should receive your order within 2 - 9 business days. There is a International orders "Buy Now" button to pay for the extra cost of shipping outside of the U.S. If you prefer another shipping method, please contact us. Insurance is optional. Free Shipping with every CANINE COLLAR order in the U.S that is over $ 25.00!

Why do I need to have a confirmed address?

Due to the high cost of chargebacks, we will no longer be able to ship to unconfirmed addresses. Your address must match the one listed on your credit card or bank. We will notify you by e-mail to see if you have moved recently. Please don't share your Paypal password or credit card information with others to protect yourself from fraud. Sorry for any inconvienence.

PayPal put an old address on my order! Now what do I do?

Contact us immediately after placing the order to request a new address be used. Our data base doesn't track address and email updates or changes for future orders. We use the shipping and email the addresses shown on PayPal packing slip unless otherwise notified for each order received. Important! Adding a new address with PayPal does not change your address. You must indicate that the new address is to be your primary address and then delete the old one. It is your responsibility to make sure we are supplied with the correct address.

What is your phone number?

No Phone Orders. No Phone Calls. We are not staffed to do business by phone. We are not set up to take phone orders. Orders must be received through the shopping cart. All of our information is on site. We will happily answer questions by email.

Where is my order confirmation?

Notification that postage has been purchased for your shipment, serves as confirmation that we have received, processed and shipped your order. Your PayPal history will also verify that your order has gone through. It will only go to the e-mail that you have supplied to Paypal. If your e-mail address isn't current with PayPal, you won't receive notification.

What happens if my order is lost?

Orders shipped with Certificate of Mailing will be considered delivered, and will not be replaced by Canine Collars.

Can I insure my order?

Insurance is the buyers responsibility. Insurance will be purchased through the United States Postal Service. Merchandise will not be replaced or refunded while insurance claim is in progress.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders usually shipped within 2 business days. (order on Monday will usually ship Wednesday) Often times we ship faster. Any special requests must made immediately after order is placed.

My order hasn't shipped within this time frame, why not?

It could be due to unusually high business volume, such as Christmas Holidays. Orders placed by eCheck (from your bank account) carry a clearing time, usually up to five business days. Check your PayPal history to see if you choose to pay from your bank account. Once we receive notice that your payment has cleared, your order will be shipped. Please use e-mail that you ordered with when inquiring about an order.

What payments do you accept?

Payment: PayPal is the preferred method of payment for CANINE COLLARS. This keeps our cost down which we pass on to you. Once you check out, you will be directed to our business account order form with PayPal, which offers you a secure connection to pay either with a credit card or check. There is no need to have an existing account with PayPal. PayPal is the easy, quick, and secure way to make online payments. For further information regarding Paypal, please visit If you would like to place an order and prefer to use a method of payment other than PayPal, please notify us at so that other arrangements can be made.
PayPal accepts all these payment methods:

We have a secure site and are verified by PayPal.

*Websites that accept charge transactions directly, are actually handled by a third party, simillar to Paypal. It may not be as visible during the checkout procedure.

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