Insurance Policy

Optional Insurance - Insurance and tracking is the buyers responsibility so please click on an "Add to Cart" button below if it is desired. Insurance will be provided through the United States Postal Service and Canine Collars will add it to your shipment only if you purchase it. We are not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise once it is securely shipped. Merchandise will not be replaced at our cost while insurance claim is in progress. US ORDERS ONLY!

Delivery Confirmation-Orders shipped with Delivery Confirmation will be considered delivered, and will not be replaced by Canine Collars.

Please contact Canine Collars for international orders.

All merchandise is shipped USPS: Tracking and insurance additional.

Amount of Order Insurance Charge Add to Cart
  $0.01 to $50.00   $1.65

  $50.01 to $100.00   $2.05

  $100.01 to $200.00   $2.45

  $200.01 to $300.00   $4.60

  $300.01 to $400.00   $5.50

  $400.01 to $500.00   $6.40

  $500.01 to $600.00   $7.30

  $600.01 to $700.00*   $8.20

Please contact for international orders.
 Email for rate to insure larger amount. Last updated on Friday, May 04, 2007 2:07 PM EST


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